Florist Stands

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Floral Florist Stand Cheap

We are a leading wholesale supplier of floral florist stands in the south. Use our florist easel wire stands to mount flower wreaths at funerals. Retailing florist are also welcome to contact us for their wire and stand supplies, and florist stands.
Floral StandFlorist Stands

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Price per each, Packed per 25 as indicated
Quantity25 50100 150300 5001,000
42 Inch Easel (25 Pack)4.41 3.603.37 2.712.522.42 Call
48 Inch Easel (25 Pack)4.70 4.053.79 3.052.832.72 Call.
54 Inch Easel (25 Pack)6.19 6.004.77 4.674.194.03 Call.
60 Inch Easel (25 Pack)7.67 7.435.90 5.785.285.16 Call.

Funeral Florist Stands

           Price per each, Packed per 15 as indicated


15 30 45 60 75 105 150
66 Inch Easel (15 Pack) 9.72 9.41 9.09 7.47 7.32 7.05 6.79

Funeral Florist Easel Stands

The florist will use the florist stands to make a metal funeral rack.

Check out our cheap prices.

Florist Stands

Florist mount flowers on a florist saddle. This is often called a florists wire saddle. During Memorial Day each year, flowers are mounted on headstone racks in memory of the past generation. A florist headstone saddle is very popular in southern states.

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